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  Courses We Offer
  • Qur'an Basic-Qaida
  • Basic Quran Hakeem Reading Lessons
  • Special Tajweed Course
  • Qur'an Recitation
  • Hifz-e-Quran
    (Memorization of Complete Qur'an or Some Suras)
  • Quran Translation & Tafseer
    (Arabic, Urdu & English)
  • Hadith
  • Basic Arabic Grammar & Language
  • Urdu Language

The basic theme behind Quran Academy is to provide a forum of learning Quran for kids, adults and aged people, as it is the demand of the Muslim community living anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to enable the learner, read and recite the Holy Quran with accurate pronunciation (with full concept of tajweed and tarteel). We also aim at providing the basic awareness about the teaching of Islam especially to facilitate those people who don?t have direct access to Muslim scholars or Islamic centers.

We totally believe in the unity and oneness of Muslim Ummah as our basic sources of guidance are Quran and Hadith. That is why we want to clarify it in the very beginning that we don't represent any school of thought.

Our area of interest mainly is to make a person clearly understand ?what Islam is? While the debate of what Islam is not is irrelevant to us. We realize that it is our obligation to convey the authentic subjects of Islam teachings, for which we are accountable of Allah, and we have the complete perception of our resposbilities.

We are proud to disclose that the organization has a competent and qualified faculty, which is fully committed to their job, sensible of the true spirit of Islam and have command over the subject, there are hired for. We make it sure that the student should be able to recite the Holly Quran following the rules of Tajweed and understand the message of his great book.

Allah wants to convey, because to understand the meaning of the Holly Quran is necessary to teach the spirit of Islam and to know the responsibilities Allah imposed upon us as a Muslim.

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