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The Book that God gave to His Messenger through revelation, and which his messenger passed on to the Humanity in the form in which we know it today. The internal evidence provided by the Qur'an itself, as well as historical research, proves that the original Quranic text has not been changed or is likely to be altered in the future. This is a unique attribute of the Qur'an and is not shared by any other revealed book now extant. The Qur'an embodies the deen (The System of life) revealed to the earlier Anbiya (Messengers of God) in its true and perfect form. The mode of expression of the Quran is neither poetry nor prose, but has its own style and rhythm. It has a rare beauty and grandeur, and is sublime.  

Man is a moral being , capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, and free to choose either. However, he finds that it is not easy to distinguish good from evil, nor is it easy to choose the good, when it is known. In his own self there is no sure guide to the good. No moral instinct leads him unerringly to the right path. It is obvious that there are no universally accepted moral codes , for there are as many codes as cultural groups in the world. Each tribe seems to have developed a code of its own, which is unacceptable to other groups. A dispassionate survey of the several moral codes leads us to the standpoint of ethical relativism. A code of conduct cannot be judged to be good or bad in the abstract. It may be good for one cultural level and bad for another. In the past, conscience was credited with the power to discriminate between right and wrong. Now, psychologists, as well as sociologists, maintain that a man's conscience is shaped by the cultural environment in which he has been brought up. Conscience is only the group code which has been internalized in the individual. We are thus driven to conclude that there is no sure guide to the right and good inherent in man. 

According to the view set forth in the Qur'an, man is born neither good nor bad, but with the power and freedom to become either. He is endowed with immerse potentialities. If he develops them and employs them for the moral and material advancement of mankind, his conduct is good; if he fails to utilize his immense resources or puts them to uses which are harmful to mankind, his conduct is bad. Divine Guidance points out the way to self-realization and to the promotion of knowledge and happiness. By following the path which is pointed out by Divine Guidance, man can finally achieve the status of a " mo'min ". A "mo'min" is at peace with himself and with the world because he has successfully resolved his inner and outer conflicts. Divine Guidance embedded in the Quran shows the way to harmony in the individual mind as well as in human society. This Book does not give us merely a code of ethics; it provides us with a code of life which embodies guidance, principles, values and laws relating to every sphere of human life and natural phenomenon.

Islam is a code of laws revealed by God, through his Messenger, Muhammad, for the guidance of the whole of mankind.  This guidance, what we may call Permanent Values , is fully preserved in the Book of God, known as the Qur'an. Further, Islam emphatically and confidently advances the claim that if life is led in full compliance with and in complete subordination to the Permanent Values, it will be rid of all the travails and troubles in which the entire world of the present day finds itself beset condemning humanity to a hellish life despite the wonderful and awe-inspiring material and scientific advancement.

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